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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I set different stimulation levels for each dog with a 2 dog system.

    Yes, with our patented "lock and Set" feature you have the ability to select between 0 and 100 levels independently for each dog. No two dogs have the exact same temperament, trust E-Collar Technologies to provide the most humane solution. We also offer adjustable boost levels on all models with the boost levels being independent for each dog in multi-dog models.

  • Explain the different LED colors on my E-Collar.

    Green indicates the battery is charged, yellow indicates the battery is getting low, and red indicates only a few hours of use remain. The LED will turn red during stimulation activation.

  • How small of a dog will the small collar receiver fit on comfortably.

    Dogs as small as 3 lbs. have been trained with our small collar receivers, below is a picture of a 7 pound Miniature Pinscher. Most small dogs will respond to the vibration and the stimulation is only used to reinforce the vibration.

  • How tight should the collar receiver strap be?

    The collar should be adjusted to allow the “contact points” to have direct contact with the skin. You should be able to fit a couple of fingers between the collar strap and your dog. Too tight poses the risk of skin irritation and discomfort. Too loose and the contact points will not be able to administer the stimulation reliably. The collar strap should be tight enough that the collar does not rotate causing chaffing on the dog's neck. The optimal position for the collar receiver is on either side of the neck just below the ears, not on the dog’s windpipe.

  • Is the E-Collar waterproof and shock resistant?

    E-Collar Technologies utilizes advanced packaging technology to assure waterproofing to 500 feet of both the collar receiver and remote transmitter. All of our round remote transmitters  float to prevent loss during water activities. The 900 series remote transmitters, however, are so packed with technology, there isn't enough air inside them to guarantee that they will float, but they are still waterproof. The units are shock resistant and will provide years of reliable use.

  • Is the stimulation going to hurt my dog?

    Proper use of an e-collar is very important, low level stimulation has a calming effect while high levels can overwhelm the dog and only be used in emergency situations. Our stimulation is similar to a medical device called a Muscle Stimulator used by Doctors to re-educate muscles, relieve muscle spasms, increase range of motion, prevent muscle atrophy, and treat conditions resulting from a stroke. It leaves no marks or residual pain and promotes compliance through muscle control of the dog's neck. Beware of imported shock collar systems that use high shocking circuitry and may cause your dog's neck to jerk excessively and scare your dog and damage his/her psyche.

  • What is "Blunt Stimulation"?

    Blunt Stimulation is the term used for wide pulse stimulation providing a muscle reflex response not a jerking response found in narrow pulse stimulation systems. For the most humane solution to off leash control without undue discomfort to your dog trust Educator E-Collar.

  • What is the best way to introduce an e-collar to a new puppy? What age?

    For the first week or two you should put the collar receiver (turned off) on your dog every time you play or do something fun. You want your dog to associate the collar with fun things and learn to like it. After a couple of weeks of no stimulation you can introduce stimulation to your dog. First, find the first perceived stimulation by turning the dial from 0 while pressing the continuous stimulation, the first noticeable reaction is what you want, lock in this level. Now for the next week put the collar receiver (turned on) on your dog and play with your dog as before, now give your dog a treat or love as you apply the stimulation, the dog will associate the tickle of the stimulation with a good thing, the treat or love from you.

    Now that your dog likes the e-collar, you can slowly introduce higher stimulation to get the desired response from your dog. Remember, the lower the stimulation you use the better long term results you will obtain, if higher stimulation is needed we recommend using short pulses or the momentary button. We do not recommend correcting a puppy younger than 6 months with an e-collar, it is okay to introduce the e-collar to puppies of 4 to 6 months using the above introduction technique.

  • What is the Warranty?
  • How does your 60-Day Return Policy work?