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The FT-330  Finger Trainer Educator® 1/2 mile remote e-collar has all of the features found in the ET-300 Mini Educator® with the addition of a wireless button that can be programmed to either the S button or the T button. The small 2.4-ounce receiver provides plenty of stimulation for large and small dogs. It is also water-proof! Alternate stimulation options include tone and vibration remote training.    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly assembled in the USA.

Please note:  Due to patent reasons, we are unable to ship this product to locations in Europe.

FT-330-332 Owners Manual                                     Comfort Pads for FT-330 


Got a second dog?  Need to replace a lost component?

View our selection of replacement parts  and easily turn your remote into a 2-Dog unit or make your system whole again by replacing a lost remote or collar receiver.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 11.813 × 7.438 × 2 in
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  1. Nawar from Melbourne

    This is one of the best tools I have ever invested in as a beginner, granted I have also done plenty of reading, watching and asking in preparation in order to make the most of it, to make is safe, fun and rewarding for my dog,
    I have a 1 year old Belgian Malinois, he’s been great with most commands, but I found myself struggling to correct him with the slip lead or any collar, mostly my fault for not introducing them earlier on and using them right,
    but I have been working hard at establishing routine and a form of training and playing, obedience discipline and i have been successful in most cases, however i keep coming short with some of the basics,
    things like leash pulling, out of control arousal, not obeying commands around people “arousal”, and the most annoying “recall”, and i knew after a while that i must not be very good in communicating that down the leash,
    also my dog is amazingly intelligent, he can observe and predict patterns, he can also anticipate commands and behaviours, so he tries to be a step ahead of me, it’s a bit more complicated but that’s the gist,
    we walk and train and play daily, we change it up and we have routines,
    now the remote collar was my last resort in attaining the ability to train my dog myself, because in reality, no one has enough time or the knowledge to try and break down their own behaviours when they’re wrong,
    also partly because we don’t always observe or criticize ourselves often,
    so after i received my finger remote trainer, i began by checking out the function to ensure all is well, and then tested it on myself like what a good parent would do,
    then i started with my dog, and at first he was quite resistant to it, but once i got him to understand how my commands were also associated with the stimulation, i found myself using the vibrate mode more often than i expected,
    the stimulation became my go to for positive/negative re-enforcement, and the boost is for extreme emergency “hyper focused on another dog/person, or if he was to run somewhere he shouldn’t and the recall isn’t working”,
    The finger trigger is mainly used when i’m training in my yard so i don’t lose it outside since i use a long lead and gloves, and it’s been great because he can’t hear me clicking it the same way he can with the actual transmitter so he doesn’t focus on the source of the clicking when we first train,
    a high drive dog like this wasn’t easy to control for me because I’m terrible at reading body language, but over time, i found what i was doing wrong with the leash and the walks thanks to the remote collar,
    and again, i found myself slowly but consistently gaining the ability to communicate with my dog, and he loves it when the collar goes on his neck as it means there is some fun walk/training taking place,
    even leaving him in the front yard where he used to go off at everyone and every dog that went past, i started using the vibrate mode to tap him to stop, and if he doesn’t he gets a small stem with the command,
    if he refuses then i escalate to boost, if he still doesn’t then it’s higher boost/verbal and physical intervention, eventually he understood it well that he stopped the barking and hyper arousal.
    the LED light is awesome, on my cameras at night we can’t see him, with the light blinking we can spot him from very far, and other can see him so they’re not spooked, and for night walk i can always see where his head is at.
    it’s been now 2 weeks since i begun the training with the E-collar and i’m amazed at how quickly this cut down on his learning curb,
    i can finally get him to heel beside me on walks, and combined with positive reinforcement and rewards as well as negative reinforcement and corrections, i can see myself closer and closer to a safe leash free dog,
    I have made many mistakes during the learning process, and got frustrated at times, but I learned to stop, pull back and start over, because i tried so much to avoid using the stimulation, and while he doesn’t mind it and isn’t bothered by it, I think it motivated me to be a bit more precise and patient.
    Now I feel like I have a new dog, he is more accountable for his actions, and so am I,
    between the E-collar, a tug, and a ball, I finally got the smart dog to understand his dummy human friend 🙂

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