Dog Training Collars Buying Guide: 5 Important Factors You Really Need to Consider When Purchasing an E-Collar

The best remote dog training e-collar for you and your canine companion depends partly on your dog training goals and your specific dog. However, there are certain features and benefits you should look for no matter what.

Don’t let their similar appearances confuse you; there are some very important differences among dog training e-collars. We even provide an e-collar comparison chart!

In our e-collar buying guide, consider these factors to evaluate dog training e-collars and find the right one for you.

1. Safety and Responsibility

As a responsible dog owner, you want a dog training e-collar that won’t harm your dog but will simply help you discourage certain behavior. So be sure to avoid traditional “shock collars,” and instead opt for a product that delivers a tone, vibration or other humane stimulation.

For optimal safety and owner control, all E-Collars Dog Training Collars feature patented COS (control of stimulation) technology. The owner can select either a tone, vibration or patented “blunt pulse stimulation,” which uses the same technology employed by chiropractors to trigger muscle reflexes. The stimulation level can also be adjusted and locked in place to avoid the risk of accidental over stimulation.

2. Your Dog Training Goals

Different dog training e-collars work better for different purposes. Are you looking for a yard training dog collar? Do you only need a bark collar? Or do you need a collar to train a working dog, or even a hunting dog collar? Look for an option that was specifically made for your needs.

3. The Size and Temperament of Your Dog

Of course a dog training collar won’t work properly if it doesn’t fit properly. While most collars are adjustable, you’ll still want to make sure you don’t buy a collar made for large dogs if you have a small dog, or vice versa.

Also keep in mind that larger or more stubborn dogs may need more stimulation — yet too much stimulation can actually be counterproductive or even cruel. Read dog training collar descriptions carefully to make sure they offer powerful enough (yet still humane) stimulation levels for your dog.

4. Range of Effectiveness

How far do you want to allow your dog to roam? In many cases, a standard range of ½ mile is plenty. But when in doubt, opt for more. Too much range will never be a problem, but too little definitely could be. E-Collars dog training collars feature ranges from ½ mile up to 1 mile.

5. Speed and Reliability

For dog training to be effective, your dog has to associate the stimulation from the dog training collar with the behavior you’re trying to discourage. That means the stimulation has to be delivered instantly when you trigger it, which requires a fast, reliable wireless connection between the transmitter and the collar.

Many less expensive dog training collars have slow or unreliable connections. E-Collar models are assembled and tested in the United States to guarantee reliability. In fact, tests show they can survive up to 500 feet below sea level and can withstand the pressure of up to 5,000 G-force — making them the toughest electronic dog training collars in the world.

For added peace of mind, E-Collars dog training collars come with a 2 Year  Warranty, providing the best value in the business.

Best Features of Training Collars:

  • A design made specifically for your dog training goals (yard training, bark training or training a hunting dog or working dog)
  • A large enough (or small enough) size to fit your dog
  • Humane stimulation, such as a tone, vibration or E-Collar’s patented blunt pulse stimulation
  • Powerful enough stimulation for your dog’s size and temperament
  • Adjustable stimulation levels, preferably with E-Collar’s COS (control of stimulation) technology
  • A long enough connection range, at least ½ mile
  • A fast connection between the controller and the dog training collar
  • Proven durability and testing
  • A strong warranty
  • Positive online reviews

If you keep these factors in mind and use the above checklist, your selection should be much simpler and much more rewarding. Compare dog training collars now to choose the one that will work best for you and your dog.

ModelBP-504PG-300ME-300ET-300ET-400ET-800EZ-900 & EZ-904PE-900FT-330FE-560FE-580
Min. Dog Size5 lbs.5 lbs.5 lbs.5 lbs.5 lbs.30 lbs.5 lbs.5 lbs.5 lbs.5 lbs.30 lbs.
RangeN/A1/2 Mile1/3 Mile1/2 Mile3/4 Mile1 Mile1/2 Mile1/2 Mile1/2 Mile300 Yards500 Yards
ExpandableN/AUp to 2 DogsUp to 2 DogsUp to 2 DogsUp to 2 DogsUp to 2 DogsUp to 2 Dogs or 4 DogsUp to 2Up to 2 DogsUp to 2 DogsUp to 2 Dogs
Programable via PCN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AYesYesN/AN/AN/A
Wireless Finger ButtonN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AYesYesYes
Strap Size3/4 Inch3/4 Inch3/4 Inch3/4 Inch3/4 Inch1 Inch3/4 Inch3/4 Inch3/4 Inch3/4 Inch1 Inch
Fits Neck Size5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches6 to 22 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches5 to 22 1/2 Inches6 to 22 Inches
Receiver size1.56×1.56×1
2.43×1.56×1.33 2.0oz2.51×1.44×1.19 2.0oz2.43×1.56×1.33 2.3oz2.43×1.56×1.33 2.3oz2.79×1.73×1.3 3.4oz2.43×1.56×1.33 2.3oz2.43×1.56×1.33 2.3oz2.43×1.56×1.33 2.3oz2.64×1.73×0.99 1.9oz2.92×1.69×1.12 2.8oz
Remote SizeN/A2.63×4.09×1.24 3.0oz2.63×4.09×1.24 3.0oz2.63×4.09×1.24 3.0oz2.79×4.25×1.25 3.4oz2.79×4.25×1.25 3.4oz1.87×6.06×1.21 3.7oz1.87×6.06×1.21 3.7oz2.63×4.09×1.24 3.0oz1.65×3.0x0.94 1.7oz1.65×3.0x0.94 1.7oz

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