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Got a second dog? 

Need to replace a lost component?

View our selection of replacement parts  and easily turn your remote into a 2-Dog unit or make your system whole again by replacing a lost remote or collar receiver.

The ET-400 Educator is a 3/4 mile remote trainer that employs our proprietary "blunt" stimulation making it the most humane and effective dog training collar available. Loaded with unique features, including "lock and set" stimulation levels from 1 to 100, and the ability to set a boost level from 1 to 60, the Educator allows the user to tailor the stimulation to your dog's temperament. The small 2.4 ounce receiver provides plenty of stimulation for most dogs large and small. Alternate stimulation options include vibration and tone. The night tracking light can be set to flashing or solid which is especially convenient when using it in a 2-dog system. The Educator will turn a smart stubborn dog into a genius. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly assembled in the USA.

                                                              ET-400 402 Owner's Manual                                                 Comfort Pads for ET-400 Educator

  • Experience Level : Intermediate
  • Multi Dog Expandable : Up to 2 Dogs
  • Range : 3/4 Mile
  • Dog Temperament : Normal
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          5 of 5 stars CUSTOMER SERVICE
Review Submitted by: Scott R.

E-Collar Technologies has the best products in the business AND the customer support is, quite frankly, AMAZING!

          5 of 5 stars Great Collar
Review Submitted by: Charles Guyer

I’m a professional gun dog and pet trainer and I use this collar every day. The blunt stim technology has changed the way I train. Going on a year with ET and not looking back. For those that read the above 3 star review, that has nothing to do with the function of this collar and everything to do with the way it was employed. Find a competent pro and learn how to get the most out of your collar. ET has the best product and customer service on the market.

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