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The ET-800 Remote E-Collar, aka “The Boss” is one of the top working dog collar trainers. The ET-800 Remote  E-Collar has a 1-mile range trainer loaded with fantastic features making it one of the most humane and effective trainers in the industry.

Similar to most of our dog remote training products, the  ET-800 Remote E-Collar utilizes the proprietary “blunt stimulation” for superior results for low-level stimulation work. However, when high stimulation is needed, the  ET-800 Remote E-Collar receiver has the highest stimulation of all the remote trainers in the full dog remote collar market. The  ET-800 Remote E-Collar also has the option to choose from vibration or tone for an alternative to stimulation. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the ET-800 Remote E-Collar.

                   800 802 Owner's Manual                                      Comfort Pads for "The Boss" ET-800

  • Range : 1 Mile
  • Dog Temperament : Stubborn
  • Experience Level : Intermediate
  • Multi Dog Expandable : Up to 2 Dogs
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          5 of 5 stars Working dog
Review Submitted by: Timothy F

This is a fantastic ecollar! I love the ability of working with those low levels to the possibility of having those high levels if needed.

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