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Easy Educator EZ-900 1/2 Mile Remote E-Collar

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The EZ 900 Easy Educator is a modern remote trainer designed with safety in mind. Novel features like maximum stimulation setting and lock and set provide safety from accidental overstimulation of the dog. This medium-range trainer is loaded with unique features making it the most humane and effective trainer available.

The bar-shaped transmitter on the EZ collar is especially well-suited for easy operation. Its small size allows stealth operation when the situation requires discreetness. Although the EZ 900 is small in size (2" X1.5" X1" 2.4 ounces), it provides plenty of stimulation, even on 150-pound dogs.

The unique COS (control of stimulation) technology provides very clean stimulation without the normal head jerking often found with other training collars. The boost feature is available to provide boosted stimulation from 1 to 60. The tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration, but more intense making it a good substitute for the stimulation.

The transmitter controls the night tracking light, allowing the user to flash or continuously light up the collar receiver to locate the dog after dark. 

This EZ collar will turn a smart stubborn dog into a genius. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly Assembled in the USA.

EZ-900-902 Owners Manual

EZ-900 PC Computer

Got a second dog?  Need to replace a lost component?

View our selection of replacement parts and easily turn your remote into a 2-Dog unit or make your system whole again by replacing a lost remote or collar receiver.

  • Experience Level : Intermediate
  • Multi Dog Expandable : Up to 2 Dogs
  • Range : 1/2 Mile
  • Dog Temperament : Normal
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Reviews from others who purchased this product
          5 of 5 stars Product, company and customer service are stellar!
Review Submitted by: Allison Tremblay

Easy to use....while making magic in the training of your pup. Just remember to try on yourself first - and use responsibly. Have nothing but positive things to say about product and this company.

          5 of 5 stars Personal Favorite & Extremely Customizable
Review Submitted by: Page Potter

Best e-collar yet, besides the Pro-900 series! As a professional canine handler, I only use Educator e-collars on my canine's. Was worried it would be too complicated at first, as many are, I think. Set-up was easy, & I love that I can customize every aspect of what my transmitter does, even down to the level of the tamping (T) sensation or strength of the it! You can even pair any size of reciever to transmitter you want, or add a couple if you choose, not just two any more. Strong enough to bring a highly reactive sight impaired English Mastiff back from the brink, but gentle enough for a sensitive small dog. Worth every penny! I use it to communicate with my blind Mastiff, because I don't have to switch back between buttons. She can now do off leash socialization sessions without a muzzle, thank you Educator!

          5 of 5 stars Fantastic training aid
Review Submitted by: Jan Stone

Using this collar has transformed my relationship with my high prey drive dog. Before using the Easy Educator 900 series I could not let my dog off the lead safely. He is a sight hound so can spot things on the horizon before I do. Now I put the e-collar on every time we go out but rarely use it. My dog has learnt that, when he hears my whistle, that there would be a consequence to ignoring me. His life is such fun for him now, he can run and play as much as he wants. He shows no sign of fear or anxiety and is now living his best life. The support team have been brilliant too

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