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3/4" Quick Snap Bungee Collar

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The 3/4" Quick-Snap Bungee Collar is made of durable Biothane material which is waterproof and easy to clean! The quick-snap clasp makes putting the collar on and taking it off of your dog easy and fast while the bungee loop allows the collar to flex as your dog moves, providing ultimate comfort and consistent contact! 

Can be used for all 300, 400, and 900 model receivers as well as the Micro RX-070 and RX-090 receivers

Will    fit on neck sizes between 11 1/2 inches and 24 inches

  • Color : Teal
  • Color : Purple
  • Collar Strap Style : Quick Snap & Bungee
  • Fits Collar Receiver Model : RX-090
  • Fits Collar Receiver Model : RX-070
  • Fits Collar Receiver Model : RX-1000
  • Fits Collar Receiver Model : RX-050
  • Fits Collar Receiver Model : PG-300
  • Fits Collar Receiver Model : BP-504
  • Color : Black
  • Color : Brown
  • Color : Red
  • Color : Pink
  • Color : Orange
  • Color : Yellow
  • Color : Green
  • Color : Blue
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          5 of 5 stars Must-Have for Comfort + Ease
Review Submitted by: Jenzi Langley

Most comfortable option for your pups! The bungee allows for a snug fit while being flexible and allowing for plenty of breathing room and play movement. The quick snap feature makes sizing the ecollar a breeze, so you don't have to keep resizing it to your pup. Just size it once, and then use the snap feature to fasten and unfasten it. Great for easy on/off; my older clients LOVE these!

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