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Educator PG-300 Page Only Vibration Remote Trainer


Got a second dog? 

Need to replace a lost component?

View our selection of replacement parts  and easily turn your remote into a 2-Dog unit or make your system whole again by replacing a lost remote or collar receiver.

You'll find the perfect vibration remote trainer on E-Collar Technologies! The Educator PG-300 Pager Only Vibration Remote Trainer comes with 100 levels of vibration, which allows for a unique and efficient way to communicate with your new dog. In addition to vibration trainer, the PG-300 vibration remote trainer comes with the Tone option to teach different commands based on the type of signal sent to the dog. Designed with comfort and quality in mind, the PG-300 and our other vibration remote trainers are perfect for your dog. Shop at E-Collar Technologies for the best dog collars in the industry. Purchase the Educator PG-300 vibration remote trainer today!

PG-300 302 Owner's Manual

  • Range : 1/2 Mile
  • Multi Dog Expandable : Up to 2 Dogs
  • Experience Level : Beginner
  • Dog Temperament : Soft
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