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"Jace's Journey": A Book Written About How E-Collar Saved Daenna's Dog

Customer Daenna Van Mulligen wrote a book about rehabilitating her highly fearful dog Jace @showmethexolo and also publicly speaks about training him with the ECT e-collar. She initially purchased the EZ900 (written about in month 34, page 53, of the book) and later upgraded to the Pro.  Her story is POWERFUL!

Published on 12/05/22 Read Article
Ethical Dog Trainers Against the E-Collar Ban, Get Involved & Sign Petition

Please JOIN US in the fight against the e-collar bans in California and New York & SIGN THE PETITION today. Our humane e-collars have transformed dogs of all temperaments and obedience levels. Please help us keep dogs in more homes, give them more freedom, and keep them safe. 🐾 Thank you for entrusting us to give you the best product for you to do the valuable work.

Published on 11/15/22 Read Article
How an E-Collar Saved Our Reactive Aussie

Have a dog struggling with reactivity? Read Layla's amazing turn-around story.

Published on 12/02/20 Read Article
Dog Training E-Collar Buyers Guide

Don’t let their similar appearances confuse you; there are some very important differences among dog training collars. Consider these factors to evaluate options and find the right one for you.

Published on 02/19/18 Read Article
Five Reasons to Use an E-Collar

Are you having a tough time training your dog? There are many reasons why dog owners start to use an e-collar as part of the training process.

Published on 01/22/18 Read Article
Getting Started with E-Collar Dog Training

It's never too late to teach an old dog (or a puppy) a new trick or behavior! Read our tips for getting started with dog training and learn how to make dog training easier on both you and your dog.

Published on 01/22/18 Read Article
Why Dog Trainers Buy E-Collars from E-Collar Technologies

Our remote dog trainers are here to assist in training your canine friend, not to hurt them!

Published on 01/04/18 Read Article
Can You Fix My Dog That Has Been Messed Up By Another E-Collar Trainer?

The answer is yes, absolutely. In fact, more than half of the dogs I have trained had been through another e-collar program with bad outcomes.

Published on 12/29/17 Read Article