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LITHIUM 3V. CR2032 Battery


Replacement battery for:

FT 030 Finger Button For Finger Trainer FT-330/332

FEĀ  030 Finger Button for FOB Educator FE-B 560/562 FE-B 580/582

Important Battery Notice!

Standalone battery orders will be shipped via 1st Class Mail or UPS Ground Service.

Standalone lithium batteries are prohibited as cargo on air transport within the United States. In February 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)—the United Nations agency that regulates the transport of Dangerous Goods aboard international aircraft—enacted a ban on transporting standalone lithium-ion batteries (UN3480) as cargo on all aircraft.
The March 2019 PHMSA IFR harmonized United States lithium-ion battery transport regulations with those of the ICAO, along with extra requirements for ground shipments to ensure no lithium-ion batteries were loaded on aircraft contrary to the regulations.

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