CPAD 033 Titanium Flex Wings – Large


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Titanium Flex Wings Comfort Pad – Regular size –  Best for – above 17″ diameter necks

Gold Titanium wings finished with Titanium Contact Points

2 wings with a more aggressive design finished with titanium contact points to reach the skin on dogs with long, thick dense fur.

This design facilitates the even distribution of stimulation, leading to improved contact and reactivity. Furthermore, dogs with sensitive skin may experience advantages from the gentle Titanium finish of the Titanium Contact Points.

Compatible with:

  • ET-300
  • FT-330
  • ET-400
  • ET-800
  • UL-1200
  • EZ-900
  • PE-900
  • FE-580
  • RX-090
  • RX-120
  • RX-150
  • 300TS
  • 400TS


Additional information

Weight 0.0375 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 4 × 0.5 in