Ethical Dog Trainers Against the E-Collar Ban, Get Involved and Sign Petition

Please JOIN US in the fight against the e-collar bans in California and New York & SIGN THE PETITION today. This initiative is being spearheaded by professional dog trainers who also proudly use E-Collar Technologies   e-collar systems.

Our humane e-collars have transformed dogs of all temperaments and obedience levels. Please help us keep dogs in more homes, give them more freedom, and keep them safe.  Thank you for entrusting us to give you the best product for you to do the valuable work. 

Here are Some Ways to Support Our Mission to Provide Humane E-Collar Dog Training:

  1. Sign this petition
  2. Email your positive experience of using E-Collar Technologies e-collars to  and which will be shared with the Animal Control & Welfare Commission 
  3. Share a review of our e-collars on Google   to showcase your positive experience
  4. Keep posting on social media and tagging us @ecollartechnologies
  5. Speak up on Redditt

About the Ban

Shared from petition website.

“There is a movement gaining traction in San Francisco, California as well as New York State to ban the use of electronic collars in dog training. We recognize that this is a controversial and emotionally charged subject. As professional dog trainers who promote the ethical and humane application of appropriate training tools we strongly oppose this proposition.

We believe that reward-based methods should be the foundation of ALL effective and science-based training, including balanced approaches. We strongly support professionals and dog owners in the training community in their choice to not implement any tools they are not comfortable with or they don’t believe in. We are aware that training tools have the potential to be misused and we would support having a system in place to ensure proper education and safe application of these tools to the public.

In recent years there have been countries that implemented bans on training tools. These countries also heavily regulate other aspects of dog ownership. Such as the right to own the breed of your choice: breed-specific legislation has led to blanket euthanasia and restrictions on mastiffs, bully breeds, and other breeds that are considered potentially dangerous without regard to a dogs individual temperament. Other regulations include strict breeding practices that go as far as banning cavalier King Charles spaniels and English bulldogs, euthanasia and zero tolerance policies towards dogs who have a bite record or aggressive behavior, dog sports bans, and even criminalizing the use of crate training.

The negative implications of e-collar bans have led to movements to reverse them. In Netherlands and Wales, there has been an increase in dog attacks which have led to a 450% increase in the annual death of livestock. While this doesn’t directly correlate to the urban environments of San Francisco and New York…it would likely translate to an increase in dog bite incidents, dogs getting hit by cars, dogs attacking wildlife, and dogs being abandoned in shelters. 

Our society has a high expectation for our dogs of all breeds and temperaments to safely coexist in densely populated areas. Realistically, genetics play a major role in our dog’s behavior and our expectations and lifestyle often don’t align. We love our hunting, herding, guardian, and terrier breeds but responsible management especially while living in an urban environment can necessitate the use of a variety of training methods, including but not limited to e-collar application.

We need to preserve the right to access the humane training methods of our choice without facing fines, criminal animal abuse charges, imprisonment, or confiscation of our dogs. We must consider what is best for the safety and quality of life for our family pets and our community. 

An all-out ban is not the answer. “


Attend the January 12th Meeting to Make Your Voice Heard
January 12th @ 530pm — Attend and make public comment at the virtual meeting by calling or logging in. Head to the Animal Control and Welfare site, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for the meeting on 1/12. If you have questions or would like to be more involved please don’t hesitate to contact directly!


“Great news!!! At tonight’s Animal Control & Welfare Commission meeting…hundreds of people attended and almost two hours of public comments were heard. There was an overwhelming outcry from incredibly accomplished dog trainers (including Michael Ellis, Ivan Balabanov, Robin Macfarlane, Francis Metcalf, and many more!) as well as dog owners, law enforcement officers, and veterinary professionals opposing the ordinance to ban e-collars in San Francisco. An extraordinary number of people voiced their concerns for the many communities this would negatively impact. There were so many people who called in that were not heard, it’s possible that the number of attendees glitched the system as many callers were skipped �

This powerful response lead to several Commission members (who voted in support of this ordinance at previous meeting) to reconsider their position until they’ve had a chance to hear the opposing side and do more research. They voted to hold off on sending the drafted legislation + letter of support to SF Board of Supervisors *for now*, pausing this ordinance proposal from moving forward. The discussion will be revisited in January…which gives us enough time to organize and put together a presentation, backed with research studies and testimonials from dog owners, trainers and veterinary professionals. 

If you haven’t already, please consider joining IACP as a member. They are incredibly passionate in supporting opposition of training tool bans, are an incredible resource, and have time and time again advocated for canine professionals and dog owners against unfair and harsh regulations. 

THANK YOU to the many people who have signed, shared, written to city officials, called in tonight and helped us make this happen. We could not have done this without your support.

This isn’t over! We need as many San Francisco dog owners and canine professionals to submit their personal experience with E Collars. We are incredibly grateful that the Animal Control & Welfare Commission is allowing us a chance to  show the many positive ways that proper use of E Collars can improve the lives of dogs, their owners and the community.” – Dr. Mary Ann Diorio

“Right thinking plus right action equals right results.”  

Picture from @cliff_thebigbrowndog in California.

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