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UL-1200 1 Mile Remote Upland Dog Collars

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Purchase the UL-1200 Upland Dog Trainer today! This fantastic remote dog trainer comes with many different unique features and accessories that make this hunting dog remote one of the best remote dog training collars in the industry. This hunting dog trainer utilizes E-Collar Technologies proprietary blunt stimulation for superior results for low-level stimulation work. However, when high stimulation is required, this dog training collar has the highest stimulation of most e-collar dog trainers in the market. The unique control of stimulation technology provides a very clean stimulation without harming the dog. With boost stimulation levels between 1 and 60, you will be able to properly train your dog with a tapping sensation that is similar to, but more intense than a typical vibration. The UL-1200 Upland Dog Collar also comes with a stopwatch style transmitter, a lanyard, belt clips and many other dog training collar accessories to help your conveniently train your dog into a champion. Order high-quality dog training collars for your hunting dog today. Shop now!

1200 1202 Owner's Manual

  • Experience Level : Intermediate
  • Multi Dog Expandable : Up to 2 Dogs
  • Range : 1 Mile
  • Dog Temperament : Stubborn
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          5 of 5 stars A great tool to have in your kit!
Review Submitted by: Lisa M.

I was given a 6 month old Doberman who had been through multiple owners because he was "high energy, unruly, uncontrollable." That may sound like most dogs but this went to the point of aggression towards humans who attempted to tell him no, or off if he was on the couch. If I walked him and we came across another dog, he would lose it to the point of turning on me if I restrained him in any manner. I got bit twice. He needed help, bad. I could see he had tons of potential. **Update at 8 months from purchase**: The collar has worked great to date but in the last week or so the range on it all of the sudden dropped to about 30 feet or so. Called the company and they are sending a new replacement with a prepaid shipping label to send the old one back, no questions asked. Great customer service in my opinion.

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