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Belt Clip for All Transmitters

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Compatible With:

ME-300/302 Handheld Transmitter

ET-300/302 Handheld Transmitter

PG-300/302 Handheld Transmitter

FT-330/332 Handheld Transmitter

ET-400/402 Handheld Transmitter

ET-800/802 Handheld Transmitter

UL-1200/1202 Handheld Transmitter

WF-1200/1202 Handheld Transmitter

EZ-900/902/903/904 Handheld Transmitter

PE-900/902/903 Handheld Transmitter

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Reviews from others who purchased this product
          4 of 5 stars A MUST
Review Submitted by: Megan Gould

Love this clip! other than I wish the part that attaches to the remote was made of metal/could be purchased separately (in bulk lol)! I break them all the time :-( The part that clips to your belt/pants/ pocket is fine.

          5 of 5 stars Great Option
Review Submitted by: Jenzi Langley

For those who don't want the remote hanging around their neck, this clip offers a fantastic option for dog owners. Very durable and lasts a long time. Only reason I've had to order a new one was because I lost mine while traveling (dumb mistake). These suckers last YEARS!! Highly recommend!

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