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3/4" collar straps are compatible with the following systems only 300s, 400s, 900s, RX-050, RX-070, RX-090, RX-1000, BP-504, & Pager Only Receivers.

1" collar straps are compatible with the following systems only 800s, 1200s, RX-120, RX-150 and older Large TS and A-Model Receivers.

While the technology behind e-collars is essential to training your dog, it won't work as effectively if you have an ill-fitting collar strap. E-Collar Technologies offers multiple dog strap options, from standard biothane to  bungee to concealment collars, in all the sizes you need. Our collar straps are adjustable and sturdy, so you can find your dog's perfect fit and feel confident that your investment is built to last. Collar straps come in a standard length to fit most dogs and can be cut to fit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Browse all our e-collar dog strap styles today.  (Receiver not included.)

Important: Select the correct collar width for your system. 

Series Standard Receiver Collar Width
300 PG-300 or RX-070 or RX-090 3/4"
400 RX-090 3/4"
560 RX-050 3/4"
900 RX-090 3/4"
Barkless Pro BP-504 3/4"
580 RX-150 1"
800 RX-120 1"
1200 RX-120 1"