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SKU: EZ-904
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          5 of 5 stars A must have
Review Submitted by: Tim F.

I was very skeptical about spending this much in another ecollar, I already had 2 different ones. One of the ones I have was very expensive but it didn't have a very low setting. The higher setting on the one i already had was perfect for one of my dogs but my other dog was to sensitive for that collar. It took me 5 months to finally decide to try this collar. I am so glad I did. It truly is a step above all the others I have tried. Now this is the only one I want for all my dogs. Unlike the older versions of these collars this one is very easy to program, no computer needed and no need to remove batterie covers. It has a button for everything you could need. Another collar can easily be added on for a 2 dog system. And it really is a lot gentler at the low levels than my other expensive one.