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SKU: EZ-902
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          5 of 5 stars Completely worth the price, has improved my training process 100%
Review Submitted by: Samantha Lindeman

WOW! This 2-dog collar system has improved both my dogs' behavior dramatically. I have very high energy German Shepherd puppy who would not walk in a straight line, bark nonstop in the cage, and would jump at visitors. Using this paired with basic training and commands has helped with all the problems listed above. I also have a rescue pitbull mix who is very timid so I was scared at first to use a more physical training technique on her. She used to pull so bad I wouldn't even take her on walks because it wasn't enjoyable for me, now all three of us can go on a walk. Both dogs recognize the collar stimulation as a correction and will stop pulling, leave squirrels alone, and no longer bark at passers by. This has also been great for off leash training, we visit my parents a lot and their yard isn't fenced in, both dogs come right back when their collars are activated. I'm a great dog mom but not a wonderful trainer this helps speed up the process and is much more effective at getting their a

          5 of 5 stars One of the best things I've purchased for my dog
Review Submitted by: Lydia Mehok

One of the best things I have purchased for my dog. I only had to used the shock feature twice and my dog picked it up and now she associated the beep with the shock. I just have to beep once for her to realize the shock is next. It has helped with walking off the leach. She stays within 10 -15 feet of me while we walk. Before she used to run off to other dogs or anyone passing by but now she doesn't go outside the 10 feet radius. I am just amaze to see that. Also we were able to get rid of jumping and other bad habits. It feels good using it because we don't really have to shock her at all. We walk in the dark sometime and light is very helpful. Overall I love the product with all the features and it works wells.