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          5 of 5 stars

SKU: ET-800
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          5 of 5 stars Working dog
Review Submitted by: Timothy F

This is a fantastic ecollar! I love the ability of working with those low levels to the possibility of having those high levels if needed.

          5 of 5 stars Great product
Review Submitted by: Mahesh Yarlagadda

Great piece of tech for experienced canine owners and trainers. Impressed with build quality and battery performance. Out of the box both collar and remote charged in under 2 hours, allowing me time to familiarize myself with the operation instructions. By end of first 48 hours still indicates good battery charge. This collar was purchased for advancing off leash training of a wolf-husky mix. While she has already learned basic commands and been fairly obedient off leash, the intention of purchasing this product was to increase her adherence to commands at all distances, near and far, and within high-stimulation environments. Within 48 hours of first using the collar it proved valuable immediately. Familiarized the dog with the collar by practicing commands in a controlled environment. Advanced to high stimulation setting with the aid of a training leash to reinforce familiarity with her new training tool. Within the first 24 hours she was compliant to 99% of commands off leash with the vibrate function alone. Occasional shock was necessary early in the training period but then able to obtain desired results with vibrate alone. Belt clip and light are two great features. Light will be obscured occasionally by canine's mane, but this is certainly not a complaint. I would recommend this product to anyone as this is the second product from E-collar Technologies that I have had experience with. The other being The Educator (ET-400) for a German Shepherd.

          5 of 5 stars Great collar
Review Submitted by: Doug Connell

Great customer service! I had a problem with a mode on the collar Jason was very helpful

          5 of 5 stars Best $ ever spent on The Boss
Review Submitted by: Brandy Luhn

We’ve had The Boss for 6 days. Our 90lb, 9 month old, Cane Corso no longer jumps on our counters or on people. Thank you ECollar for a quality product.