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          5 of 5 stars

SKU: ET-400
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          5 of 5 stars Awesome
Review Submitted by: Andrea Antonell

I've used the mini educator and the ET400 now and both have been great for many different types of dogs. If you know how to train, or find a trainer that can properly teach you, than this can absolutely be a long term solution for on or off leash reliable dogs. I haven't had any issues with ecollar technology items, but have only heard great reviews for their customer service.

          5 of 5 stars gives my dog freedom!
Review Submitted by: Sydney Visbeck

This product is amazing and allows me to give my dog the freedom of being off-leash while hiking or just going for a structured off-leash walk. It has grown his confidence since it's made it easier to communicate with him and correct him. I used a trained professional to teach me how to use it and to train my dog with it, I highly suggest doing this if you are unfamiliar with an ecollar. I have only used this brand but I have a friend who was using another ecollar and switched to this brand and noticed an immediate difference between the two.

          5 of 5 stars Great Collar
Review Submitted by: Charles Guyer

I’m a professional gun dog and pet trainer and I use this collar every day. The blunt stim technology has changed the way I train. Going on a year with ET and not looking back. For those that read the above 3 star review, that has nothing to do with the function of this collar and everything to do with the way it was employed. Find a competent pro and learn how to get the most out of your collar. ET has the best product and customer service on the market.

          5 of 5 stars Off Leash Living!
Review Submitted by: Dawn Johnson

I bought this collar for my Dalmatian. We acquired her as an 8 month old puppy with lots of issues; leash pulling, complete disregard of instructions, was allowed on furniture, separation anxiety etc. She was a mess. With the help if the e collar she is now 100% off leash trained and can heel at liberty (no lead) and heel when riding my bike. A lot of people are under the impression that it is cruel, but those are the old style collars that were used for punishment alone. The ecollar is so much more than that. My dog certainly doesn't cower when I pick it up, the minute she hears the

          5 of 5 stars CUSTOMER SERVICE
Review Submitted by: Scott R.

E-Collar Technologies has the best products in the business AND the customer support is, quite frankly, AMAZING!

          5 of 5 stars Super Impressed
Review Submitted by: Julia Wade

Very happy with my purchase thus far. Collar is used for camping and proofing of training. Our favorite features are the lights on the collars as well as the range and flexible programming to tailor our training to each dog! Very happy with our decision.

          5 of 5 stars Back for a New One
Review Submitted by: Martha Fewell

I've used the earlier version of this collar for 7 years after learning to use it by my dog's trainer. My dog and I have been very happy with its performance, and the company's customer service, in that entire time. We need to reinforce our training and work on new skills constantly and this collar has been reliable throughout. We don't use the storm feature all the time, most often use vibration now but the ability to have both is great with my trained dog. I'm looking forward to getting this new model with the tone to see how that helps support his continued learning. A great, safe, humane, reliable product with a fantastic customer service team behind it. I'm a customer for life!

          3 of 5 stars Awesome at the start
Review Submitted by: Ryan Bleau

It was a great collar and trained my dog very well. After a year and a half though, the collar is not very effective. The vibration function is hardly recognized by my dog and the other stimulation is either not felt or felt too strongly for my liking. When the dog isn’t familiar with the collar, it is great. It doesn’t appear to be a long term solution for continued training.