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E-Collar Pager - Receiver Only on Black Biothane Strap


The easy-to-use belt clip secures to the back of your E-Collar transmitter and then clips onto your belt or waistband. To release the transmitter, simply push the button at the top of the clip and slide the transmitter upward. For other styles of belt clips, browse our belt clips and holsters collection. Whether you are a professional trainer or a caring dog owner, training your pet with E-Collar remote dog trainers is a safe and effective strategy. Make dog training simple: order a belt clip for your remote transmitter today!

Our remote pager with a biothane strap will help your dog get the proper training that they deserve. The benefits of the training collar pagers ability to add pressure become apparent in high-stress situations. The pager does not contract the muscles since it's a sensory cue. Being able to imply pressure in a more standardized way can better condition the dog to be reliable and confident in all situations. Order remote training pagers and remote training collars at E-Collar Technologies. Shop now!

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