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Dual Lead 10 V Charger For NIMH Batteries


 This 10V dual charger will effectively charge  all 2-pin charge systems with NiMH batteries (400TS, 800TS, and the WF-1200TS).


How do I know which version I have?

You can lift the rubber charging port on your current receiver/transmitter to determine if you have the single pin or the  2-pin charging system.

This charger will only work with the  2-pin charging system.

For Old Style 2-Pin Charge Systems with 10V NiMH Batteries

  • ET-500
  • ET-700
  • ET-800 (old)
  • ET-1200-UL
  • ET-1200-WF
  • 400TS
  • 800TS
  • UL-1200TS
  • WF-1200TS
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