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1 inch Yellow Quick Snap Collars

OVER STOCK SPECIAL - High Quality 1" Quick Connect and Disconnect Nylon Collar. Made in the USA.

Sales price: $5.00
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Gear Keeper for All E-Collar Remotes

Great to clip to belt loops and be able to quickly look at the display.

Sales price: $15.00
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Charger - 5 Volt Dual Lead for Large Receivers

5 Volt High Power Dual Charger for charging 2 large receivers at the same time or the transmitter and 2 collar receivers of the 300, 302, 300-L, 302-L, 400, 402, (Splitter Required), . It will ...

Sales price: $18.00
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3/4 and 1 inch - 33 Long Biothane Buckle Collar with Bungee

High Quality 33" (Cut to Sizes as small as 10") Long Buckle Collar using Biothane Material with a Bungee Loop for Comfort and Contact Reliability. Made in the USA. Available in a variety of colors ...

Sales price: $20.00
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Replacement Transmitter for ET-300/302

Replacement Transmitter for ET-300/302 Version 2015

Sales price: $85.00
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