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Welcome to the best source for high quality, easy to sell, fully guaranteed, dog behavior shaping products. We carry a large selection of the industry's newest, most innovative dog training technology on the market. Dealers have access to all the BarkLess & Remote Training E-Collars models available from E-Collar Technologies, ideal for hunting dogs, working dogs, terriers, toy breeds, etc. Complete and submit the Dealer Application Form and a sales representative will be in contact with you. 

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Let it be known, to protect the equity and value of our brands we have undertaken a robust MAP policy.  Sellers and resellers that openly advertise prices online below our published MAP prices will immediately lose their rights to purchase our branded products. Only after the violation of this policy has been remedied the reseller will be reinstated and allowed to purchase additional branded products from E-Collar Technologies, Inc. This is a policy and does not construe an agreement between the parties.

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