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Why Buy the E-Collar Technologies Educator Remote Dog Trainers? 

With so many different Remote Dog Trainers out there it can become difficult to decide which unit is best for you and your dog. Many times E-Collar Technologies Inc. customers call us and praise not only our product but our love for the animal. Our remote dog trainers are here to assist in training your canine friend, not to hurt them! All of our remote dog trainers from our Mini Educator ET-300TS to our ET-1202UL Hunting Dog Collar are equipped with the most current technology to help the dog understand that not only is it important to listen their owner, but it is the safe way.


Let's face it, many pups even adults may think the best way to visit a squirrel is to run away from there owner, regardless if a vehicle is in their path or not. With E-Collar Technologies units your dog will be responding with clarity and understanding in no time. Our line of Educator Remote Dog Trainers are tried and tested buy thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom never thought their prized friend would or could ever be a trained dog! 

For more information on which Remote Dog Trainer is best for you and your pet, Contact E-Collar Technologies Inc today! 

Toll Free 1-855-326-5527 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Stimulation Training Collars  | E-Collar Technologies

E-Collar Technologies is the World's Leader in remote dog trainer collars, remote training collars, and stimulation training collars. No other brand of dog obedient collars boasts the unique functionality and ergonomic design that E-Collar's Education Remote Trainers can. Our dog stimulation collars were developed to release the lowest levels of corrective stimulus, paired with a tone or tapping sensation (vibration) stimuli that will improve the behavior of your dog while reducing their stress as well.

Education Remote Trainers also feature settings including:

*Long Battery Life
*Water Proof up to 500 Feet
*Momentary or Continuous Pulse
*Blunt Stimulation (prevents yelping and unsafe jerking of the neck)
*0 to 100 Levels of Precision Controlled Stimulation
*1 Mile Plus Ranges

With their long battery life, E-Collar dog training collars are perfect for an overnight hunting trip or family vacation. All products come with a limited lifetime warranty and are produced in the USA, making E-Collar Technologies the number one source for the best dog stimulation collars

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E-Collar Technologies Inc. | 1-855-326-5527 Toll Free




Note 1:  E-Collar Technology and our dealers do not like using the term "shock collar" but today in the internet world it remains one of the most searched terms when looking for a remote training e-collar. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Introduce a Dog to an E-Collar


How to use an TS model E-Collar


Q: How do I train with an E-Collar?

 A:  Many different approaches are available, the best approach depends on your situation and temperament of your dog.  Below are some sources for information on how to properly use an E-Collar:




Deaf Dog Training 


     *Note: All E-Collar Models that have a TS suffix are approved for Deaf Dog training.


Q: How does your 60-Day Return Policy work?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with our products, please return the product to us for a full refund.  


Q: How tight should the collar receiver strap be?


Testimonials on Our Products:

Click here for Video Testimonial on YouTube by: Travis Pepperkorn

"I am from Auburn, Indiana. I have been training retrievers and running hunt test for twelve years. Trying different E- collars through out the years when I got the chance to try out the new Educator E-collar from E-collar Technologies which is the smallest transmitter I have ever had in my hands. I like the small round shape design of the transmitter. The buttons are easy to find and use. Best of all when I am not using it I can put it in right in my pocket. This stops me from laying the transmitter down and misplacing it. When I need to use the transmitter it is always with me. The stimulation level is one to like; it is lighted so you can see the setting in low light conditions plus the stimulation setting goes from 1 to 100. I can tweak this unit in better to suit the dog that I am working.

The collar and receiver is very likeable. The collar is made of a new material that I have not seen before, much nicer than I have seen with other e-collar systems. The receiver appears to me like it is well built, for instance the loops that the collar goes through looks to be stronger, unlike other collars that I have had break. The receiver also has a light on it so when I am airing dogs at night I can see were they are. E-collar Technologies has built an excellent unit. Unlike most people I live about 8 miles from E-Collar Technologies and had the privilege to meet the President and a few more key people in the company. At this time I was able to visit the facility which was very interesting. I can see that they are striving to be the best in the business. I can’t wait to get my hands on their new products. Thank you for your great product and tour of your business."

Steve Lechleidner, Owner of S&Y Sunrise Kennels

 My experience with the Educator E-Collar has been amazing. Very easy to use and will adjust to any setting you need. Has worked wonders with my German Sheppard to keep him from going out of his boundaries. I would highly recommend this collar for anyone needing assistance in training their dog."

Jenny Dilts

 Dear E-Collar,

I have an 85Lb. adult male, Red Nose Pit-bull named "Dozer" that has been extremely difficult to train/control for all of his adult life. Even after having him neutered, in certain situations around other dogs/animals, etc. he has been completely blind to my commands, and appears not to even hear my voice.

It has been a completely different story since purchasing my new E-Collar, and I wanted to let you know what I thought of it... I love it. It has really made the process so much easier and faster for me to gain control, and to actually correct his negative behavior. Just the other day he was in my fenced-in back yard acting out, because the neighbor dog was antagonizing him to no end. All I had to do was place the E-Collar around his neck and he immediately sat at my feet awaiting my next command! I can even allow him to run with my friends dogs (Pit-bulls) on his property without incident, and because of the sturdy construction, and being completely water proof he can run through the muddy fields, woods or even swim in either of the two ponds, it's just great!

Thanks again E-Collar for turning unbearable situations into enjoyable ones for me and my beloved pet!

Mark Shaw, Fort Wayne IN

 I love it! It provided more freedom for my German Sheppard, “Sid”. After use of this product my dog was a lot calmer. I do recommend this product to any dog owner.

Mariah Winright Coldwater, Michigan


I have been using the 802 very hard and it has exceeded my expectations. The ease of use is amazing and it has held up well. I brag about it to everyone and show it to them. Once again, great job to you and everyone at your plant.

John Campbell Campbell’s Country Spaniels.

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